write 2 pages about reading reflection. please follow the rubric and use the rec

write 2 pages about reading reflection. please follow the rubric and use the recourses that one of them a video called Babies.

Healthcare and Nursing

Opened: Monday, October 31, 2022, 12:00 AM Due: Monday, December 19, 2022, 8:00

Opened: Monday, October 31, 2022, 12:00 AM
Due: Monday, December 19, 2022, 8:00 AM
To do: Make a submission
Assignment visual aid. There are 7 parts to this assignment. Review each part’s instructions for details
Instructions Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7
Option 3: Professional Certification / Professional Development
Preparation of a well-written and thoughtful final paper that demonstrates growth in understanding, preparedness and competency related to the Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) in the B.S. Degree in Health Sciences (open in a new window) to include the following sections:
Introduction for your final paper describing your PD selection
Summary of learning written out in essay form based on your Part 6 outline
Summary describing your overall experience with your PD selection
Reflection on how the information from the PD shapes your thinking about career options, Christian worldview, and diversity
Submit your final paper.
Word Count: minimum 1,500 words
Introduction: 250 words
Summary of learning: 750 words
Summary of experience: 250 words
Reflection: 250 words
APA Formatting
Plagiarism Submission
Check your document for spelling and grammatical errors.
Refer to your course syllabus (opens in new window) for details on grading criteria and the university’s late work policy.
Note: This assignment will be checked for plagiarism. Always review the University’s Academic Integrity Policy statement regarding plagiarism.
How You Can Avoid Plagiarism
How To Read Your Similarity Report
Access your Similarity Report by selecting the percentage which appears next to your submission after 5-10 minutes.

Healthcare and Nursing

What is Advanced Practice Nursing? Research and identify the difference betwee

What is Advanced Practice Nursing?

Research and identify the difference between nursing practice and advanced practice nursing. Support advanced practice nursing by identifying nursing theories that can be applied to advanced practice nursing. Example Watson theory
Initial Post:
• Length: minimum 1-page words, not including references
• Citations: At least one high-level scholarly reference in APA from within the last 5 years


The articles you read for this week about international commercial surrogacy, me

The articles you read for this week about international commercial surrogacy, medical research, and the pandemic response help to show how we are ethically connected to people around the globe, how our actions and decisions impact others we will never meet.
In your response, answer the following two questions:
1. When it comes to issues in biomedical ethics, how do we go about determining what our moral obligations are to each other across national borders and cultures?
2. Discuss one of the moral principles identified in the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights (go to section 3). Explain whether you agree with the principle and why. As you explain why you do or do not accept the principle, relate your answer to our discussion of normative theories and the foundations of ethics at the beginning of the semester.
As a part of your response, include a discussion of at least one of the global issues introduced this week: international commercial surrogacy, medical research in developing countries, or the global pandemic response.


Theme Section Write-up Submission type: Word document The theme section write-up

Theme Section Write-up
Submission type: Word document
The theme section write-up must be between 4-5 pages, double spaced with 1″ margins, and in Times New Roman 12 pt font. The theme-section write up, or what is usually referred to as the results section in qualitative articles, should be informed by your thematic analysis of the two assigned transcripts, incorporate all feedback you’ve received on the prior assignments, and be based on the research question, which is “What are the characteristics of public health doctoral student experiences with COVID-19?”

Below is the outline of the information that should be included in your final paper. Please use the headers bolded below.
• Analysis: Clearly and concisely describe the process of using thematic content analysis – from coding to themes (1 paragraph). Describe the steps that were taken. Be sure to discuss how the themes were created from the codes and how they are related to the research question was used in this analysis. You may find it useful to review the Patton reading or the Tolley reading when you prepare your paragraph on the analysis process. (Patton, 2015, Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methods, Chapter 8, pp., 541-559.
• Results: Present your findings in a very clear and organized way. Identify two themes and provide explicit descriptions of these themes. Each theme should be introduced, supported with evidence (include at least a couple of cited quotes), and include a final summary statement that summarizes your theme and transitions to the next theme. Quotes from interviews should be appropriately formatted and incorporated into the text. Each cited quotation should be appropriately introduced, cited (i.e., recording number and date of interview), and followed by an analytical sentence that provides synthesis of information regarding each quote. It should be clear to the reader where the information is coming from.
Example paper (see module):
**Please note that this example paper is from a previous class that uses different transcripts related to a different topic. This included example is provided only to demonstrate how to present your themes. It does not reflect all of the paper requirements listed above.**


Choose an article from the National Association For the Education of Young Child

Choose an article from the National Association For the Education of Young
Children website or another approved website. After reading the article,
make a PowerPoint presentation (3-5 slides) with an article summary which
includes basic overview and how you would use the information.
The article I chose is here:

Healthcare and Nursing

My topic is bipolar disorder please follow instructions down to the poor I will

My topic is bipolar disorder please follow instructions down to the poor I will upload everything. Please make sure instructions are followed down to the last point.

Health sciences and medicine

The theory of reasoned action/planned behavior is based on the principle that on

The theory of reasoned action/planned behavior is based on the principle that one’s “intention” to perform a behavior is the key, rather than as previously thought, that one’s attitude alone toward the behavior is the driving force. The transtheoretical model (TTM), which is classified as a theory, is based on the concept that behavior change is a process that occurs in specific stages, irrespective of the behavior.
Theory of planned behavior and transtheoretical model.
Review the following scenarios:
Ella is a 32-year-old, African American, single working mother with a demanding workload that creates physical and emotional stress. A recent health screening showed a high blood pressure reading. She has since started to adjust her diet and increase daily physical activity. Ella has two preschool age children.
Jao, a 53-year-old divorced father of two, is a nurse at a local hospital. He has been a smoker since high school. He knows that he should stop but he really enjoys his smoke breaks during his long shifts. Jao has two adolescent children.
Keeping Ella’s scenario in mind, use the theory of planned behavior and the theory of reasoned action to explain influenza vaccine uptake for her children.
Explain how specific constructs in these theories contribute to a better understanding of why one person seeks vaccination while another does not.
Describe the resources that are available to understand this intrapersonal level theory.
Discuss how health inequities impact a person’s ability to seek vaccination.
Be sure to cite information using APA style

Finance, Accounting and Banking

Competencies In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following

In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competencies:
Record and present financial information by applying the appropriate framework and guidelines of accounting for business transactions
Determine asset accounts and their disclosure in the financial statements
Determine liability and equity accounts and their disclosure in the financial statements
You were recently hired as an entry-level bookkeeper for a service business that recently opened. This is the first month in operation for the business and your first task is to record business transactions for their first month using the source documents and transaction data the owner will provide to you. Because this is a small business that does not use computerized accounting, you will apply the accounting cycle in Excel to record transactions and generate financial reporting results for the owner.
Company Accounting Workbook
Use accepted accounting principles to follow and record your business transactions for a one-month period from the first step of the accounting cycle through the reporting process. You will build on the workbook you created in Milestones One and Two, as well as the Company Accounting Workbook Template (file provided), After you complete your workbook, you will prepare a summary report of your work.
Your completed accounting workbook will consist of journal entries for each transaction and postings of transactions to account ledgers. You will develop a trial balance from the ledger balances, and use these balances to prepare the income statement, statement of owner’s equity, and the balance sheet. After the preparation of the financial statements, closing entries will be entered to transfer earnings to equity and prepare temporary accounts for the new accounting period.
Use the instructions below to complete your workbook. Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:
Record Financial Data: Use accepted accounting principles to accurately capture business transactions for the month using the data provided in the accounting data appendix (linked in the Supporting Materials section). You will need to address the following:
Accuracy: Prepare entries that are accurate in that they fully reflect the appropriate information.
Completeness: Prepare entries that are complete for the month, including transferring posted entries to T accounts.
Unadjusted Trial Balance: Prepare the unadjusted trial balance portion of the “Trial Balance” tab of the company accounting workbook, ensuring that the total debits and credits match.
Financial Statements: Create financial statements using appropriate methods based on accepted accounting principles. Be sure to prepare these financial statements in the order listed, as there are important interdependencies among them. Finalize the process by closing temporary accounts.
Income Statement: Prepare the income statement using the adjusted trial balance.
Statement of Owner’s Equity: Prepare the statement of owner’s equity using the adjusted trial balance.
Balance Sheet Assets: Prepare the balance sheet asset entries using the adjusted trial balance.
Balance Sheet Liabilities: Prepare the balance sheet liabilities entries using the adjusted trial balance.
Closing Entries: Complete the “Closing Entries” tab of the company accounting workbook by closing all temporary income statement amounts to create closing entries.
Summary Report
After you have finished preparing all the financial statements, analyze the statements and write a short report summarizing your findings. Use the template provided in the What to Submit section to complete your report. There is also a Final Project Walkthrough video available in Supporting Materials that will provide guidance for completing your template. In addition to the financial statement results, the owners have requested that you provide them with additional information as further growth is anticipated. They would like more input from you to support the best possible decisions for the business.
In addition, the owners are requesting that you provide them with some suggestions on simple internal controls they can integrate to ensure protection of company assets, and accuracy in the company’s financial data. The owners are also considering acquiring more long-term/fixed assets, such as vehicles, equipment, buildings, and so on. They would like your input on the different options available for depreciation of these costs. Adding sales of product is also a consideration for expansion. The owners want to know what accounting considerations will be involved with this change.
Summary: Write a summary of what the financial statements indicate about the company’s financial health and performance.
Purpose: Discuss the accounting process and the resulting financial statements as they relate to meeting the informational needs of the user.
Process: Explain the process used to produce accurate account balances and financial statements from the individual transaction data.
Consider what is being communicated through each of the financial statements you prepared (income statement, statement of equity and balance sheet) and how this information will be used in business decision making and planning.
Analysis: Explain the company’s cash position, its net income as a percentage of sales, and its current liabilities to current assets position.
Results: Discuss the results regarding profitability of the first month of operations.
Consider how well the company is positioned to meet current liabilities.
Be sure to include the percentage of revenues that result in profit/net income and the current ratio when discussing profitability and liquidity based on the recorded month’s results.
Consider key points in your observations of results: is the company operating profitably (what percent of revenues result in profit/net income)? How well-poised are they to meet liabilities (discuss liquidity and current ratio)?
Recommendations: Recommend a simple system of controls that can be implemented to ensure protection of company assets and the accuracy and integrity of their financial data as they anticipate further growth.
Consider additional controls that will support the potential for adding merchandise and additional assets with business growth/expansion.
Asset Valuation: Discuss the treatment of current and long-term assets on the balance sheet.
Discuss at least two different methods of depreciation. Consider how the methods of depreciation will be determined.
Discuss how LIFO, FIFO, and average methods will differ and provide examples of types of applicable merchandising.
Consider how accounting will change with the addition of merchandise inventory.
What to Submit
To complete this project, you must submit the following:
Company Accounting Workbook
Your workbook should be completed and submitted as a Microsoft Excel file based on the template provided
Project Summary Report
Use this template provided to submit a 1- to 2-page Word document summarizing the financial statements you created.

Business and Management

PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW This assessment requires you to write a 9,0

This assessment requires you to write a 9,000 words Dissertation (Abstract, Introduction Background, , Methodology, Results/Findings & Discussion, Conclusion and Recommendations) with a clear structure that demonstrates academic writing competence and uses accurate referencing, framed by a research question. Your Dissertation needs to outline a coherent research methodology and present findings/results drawn from the empirical data analysis and interpretation, which has been collected independently. The research findings/results will be discussed, followed by your conclusions, recommendations, and suggested areas for further research.
In completing this assessment, you will address the following Learning Outcomes:
Develop a viable research question with a supporting aim and objectives that demonstrate rigour and is ethically sound.
Develop, outline and work within a comprehensive research framework which integrates relevant research methodologies; research design; research quality measures and any ethical issues related to the research.
Analyse empirical data in a critical manner appropriate to the methodology outlined (i.e. in line with the type(s) of data, sampling strategy and research philosophy) and present the results/findings in an appropriate format.
Synthesise the research findings, present emergent conclusions and propose recommendations of relevance to practitioners and academics.

This assignment should be submitted no later than 13:00 on Monday 9th January 2022.
Your submission should be 9,000 (+/- 10%).
Word limits apply to the main text, quotes, tables, figures, diagrams and footnotes: only the front matter (title page, declaration, contents, etc.), appendices and reference list are excluded from the word count.
I have also attached my dissertation template.
The core text for this module is one you should already have access to: Gray, D. (2018), Doing research in the Real World, 4th Ed. London: Sage. – which you will note is the textbook that you used for the Research Method module. Note there is an updated version and either edition will suffice.