However, thinking back on mine, i don’t think i added any science related milestones and kpis (i do think those are important as well), so i plan to go in and change up some of mine.”

My Partner feedback “I finished reading your milestone 2. I think you presented the problem you would like to resolve and the need to resolve it well. The first thing I would like to comment on is that I did not see anything on the solution. I believe for the second part, he wanted us to talk about our solution and finding research to support its feasibility, but I could have misunderstood. I think the only other comment I would have is that I think you approached the milestones too much from a science perspective and not a business perspective. If I’m correct, he wanted us to present those points to potential funders, so I did my milestones from a business perspective. For example, I think I did some milestones like finding my target audience, constructing a 5 to 10-year plan, determining different costs so I could get a better estimate on the amount of funding I would need, etc. However, thinking back on mine, I don’t think I added any science related milestones and KPIs (I do think those are important as well), so I plan to go in and change up some of mine.”


Journal entry 3 1.

Journal Entry 3 1. Watch Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross – Understanding death & suicide – part 1 and part 2 2. Integrate what you have learned in the text about Kubler-Ross’s stages of death and dying into a synthesis/summary of the videos.


12 – 15 slides (depending on the length and breadth of the poem).

For this assignment, you will create a Powerpoint with ONE primary source (the poem you’ve chosen) and THREE secondary sources (one of which can be a Shmoop, an eNotes or a Spark Notes –NO WIKIPEDIA). One source MUST be from an academic resource found either in the stacks of the library or via the library databases. The last can be from a Poetry Foundation or a site.– providing a graphic representation of the line by line interpretation of the poem, a reading of the work, and an explanation – in bullet points – of the key literary devices used in the work. The assignment very closely resembles the essay but allows for a more creative approach to the poetic interpretation. 12 – 15 slides (depending on the length and breadth of the poem). A Formalist study of a poem involves an understanding of the poem, itself and how it was constructed– as communicated through a paraphrase or summary, as well as the use of rhyme, meter, figurative language, line, stanza and of course an understanding of theme. Special attention should be paid to the ALLUSION addressed in the poem. All of these aspects plus others may be addressed in this paper.The only information that matters culturally, or biographically, would be that which is SPECIFICALLY referenced within the poem, itself. UPLOADED A EXAMPLE OF WHAT IT NEEDS TO LOOK LIKE THANK YOU


Briefly summarize the article’s content.

After reading the article “The Effectiveness of Teamwork Training on Teamwork Behaviors and Team Performance: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Controlled Interventions,” write a paper of a minimum of two pages and a maximum of four double-spaced pages using 12-point, Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins. Points will be deducted for responses that fall outside of these parameters. Your paper should be well written and logical. It should also adhere to the styles rules found in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Your abstract should do the following: Begin with a complete bibliographic citation. Briefly summarize the article’s content. Summarize the article’s importance for students in WFED 578. How does it relate to process consultation? Why is the article important for trainers or PC professionals in business and industry? Discuss the practical applications (if any) of the article for PC professionals in business and industry. What should they be able to do after reading the article? Critique the article, pointing out any weaknesses or occasions when you think the author’s ideas will not work.



After reading Chapter Five, first point to one aspect of the chapter that you found to be of interest. Once one of your classmates as pointed to an aspect of Chapter Five, try to identify an original area in order to avoid redundancy. Next, of all the myths and realities that were presented regarding predator priests, which myth surprised you the most? Which reality surprised you? Why? Next, after reflecting upon both Chapter Five and the presentation, “Signature, Modus Operandi, and Paraphilia,” why do you suppose that the vast majority of men, rather than women, have paraphilia? Do you think this is likely to change anytime soon. Next, consider Rozee’s 1993 study which found that in 35 non-industrialized societies some forms of rape are socially acceptable. Why would a society find some forms of rape to be acceptable? Do you think this has changed in any of these societies since 1993? Next, after reading Chapter Six, what do you think motivates some individuals who work in hospitals or nursing homes kill their patients? What, if anything, can be done to identify and stop these individuals before they commit multiple murders? Finally, once you have answered all of the above questions, please pose an original thinking question to the class.

Business and Management

Societal impacts of global business: explain how the global expansion of organizations has impacted society, citing specific examples regarding culture, transportation, employment, infrastructure, and environmental climate.

You are a business analyst working at a small domestic organization that produces high-quality cell phone cases. Your organization has begun to see its sales flatten in the domestic market. While the organization is not losing money, leadership would like to explore options to continue to grow. One option that leadership has noticed competitors attempting is entering international markets.
You have been asked to examine the benefits, drawbacks, and key considerations for your organization to enter one of the global markets below, and to summarize your findings in a business brief for leadership.
Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:
In this scenario, please use the international market of JAPAN.
Purpose of Global Expansion: Explain key benefits of successful global expansion for domestic organizations.
Business Impacts of Global Business: Explain how global expansion of a domestic organization can impact business operations such as strategic planning, marketing, supply-chain management, human resources, and so on.
Societal Impacts of Global Business: Explain how the global expansion of organizations has impacted society, citing specific examples regarding culture, transportation, employment, infrastructure, and environmental climate.
Cultural Considerations for Global Business: Explain the importance of researching the culture of a potential global market prior to market entry, as well as key cultural considerations to explore to inform expansion decisions.


Industrial revolution 3.

For each of the following key concepts, briefly identify and describe how they apply to the European and/or Russian realms. Each answer should be limited to three or so sentences. 1. European Union 2. Industrial Revolution 3. European Migration 4. Iron Curtain 5. The Trans-Siberian Railway


Double spaced

This is a ad assessment for the 1992 Pepsi Cindy Crawford Commercial that can be found on YouTube.
Format & Guidelines
12 Pt Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri Font
Minimum of 600 words Maximum 750 words
Double Spaced
Essay should include title
Essay should include header on every page with your name, date, class, and Media Analysis Essay
Essay should include footer on every page with page number
Essay must include works cited page
Essay should include advertisement
Essay Format
Paragraph 1: Introduction- Introduce the topic and allow the reader to see why this is important. Tell the basic facts about the ad. Get the reader interested in the image by describing the image vividly so the reader can see it.
Paragraph 2: Discussion around 1st cultural myth, the good life consists of buying possessions that cost lots of money. Also an explanation of myth, and connection to advertisement.
Paragraph 3: Discussion around 2nd cultural myth, your body is not good enough. Also an explanation of myth, and connection to advertisement.
Paragraph 4: Discussion around 3rd cultural myth, Happiness, satisfaction and sex appeal, just to name a few, are imminent-and available with the next consumer purchase. Also an explanation of myth, and connection to advertisement.
Paragraph 5: Conclusion- Conclude your essay rather than just repeating your thesis or introduction explain how this piece is intended to affect consumers’ overall impression of the company that produces or sells the product or service being advertised.
Use standard formal American English and correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. You may not use the pronouns I, me, or you in this essay.


Consider learning styles, adult learning theories, and motivation.

Topic #1 – Designing Training to Motivate Learning How can training be designed to motivate learning and accommodate trainee differences? Consider learning styles, adult learning theories, and motivation. Use at least two resources from the class. Topic #2 – Your Motivation to Participate in Training What is your motivation for participating in training and applying training to your job and future development? As you develop your answer, consider need-based theories, process-based theories, and intrinsic vs. extrinsic factors. Topic #3 – Bonus discussion I saw this article last week and I thought it would be worth sharing in class. One of the lines in the article makes the point “Several levels of managers spend an average of 113 hours per year—time that could add up to $715 million of waste—on these training programs that don’t seem to have any real substantiated teaching or business value.” So the cost of training can have a big impact on a big copy like Amazon. I encourage you to read the article. What are your thoughts? You must start a thread before you can read and reply to other threads

Healthcare and Nursing

Has it been specifically tested in this age group?

I choose screening for Breast cancer Link for screening tool is :
Describe the diagnostic or screening tool selected, its purpose, and what age group it targets.
Has it been specifically tested in this age group?
Next, discuss the predictive ability of the test. For instance, how do you know the test is reliable and valid? What are the reliability and validity values? What are the predictive values? Is it sensitive to measure what it has been developed to measure, for instance, HIV, or depression in older adults, or Lyme disease? Would you integrate this tool into your advanced practice based on the information you have read about the test, why or why not?
You should include a minimum of two (2) scholarly articles from the last five (5) years, US based,
FAQ attached